safety equipment

Safety is our number one priority

At Levelcrete we make safety priority number one! We deal with silica exposure very seriously. We use top equipment and knowledge to mitigate silca dust from entering the air we all breathe. All our systems are top dust control units, as we want to keep our clients and personnel safe.

    Surface preparation

    Surface Preparation

    We grind the floor to remove impurities, and to create a profile for proper bonding.

      epoxy moisture barrier

      Epoxy Moisture Barrier

      Epoxy moisture barriers are designed to stop hydrostatic pressure from pushing through concrete slabs. Usually in basements and below grade slabs where high water tables are located. We offer a few different types of moisture barriers to fit the needs of customers. Always best to have the substrate checked before any leveling or new flooring installed.

        Floor leveling

        Floor Leveling

        We use high strength leveling concrete to bring interior surfaces up to the highest industry standards. This is used for all flooring types, including:

        • Hardwood
        • Vinyl plank
        • Tile
        • Laminate
        • Carpet
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        About us

        Levelcrete started out as a small operation in Vancouver doing what we could to help the growing problem of poor concrete work. Since our initial days of business we have grown into more sophisticated means of handling concrete issues that many homeowners and commercial developments alike come across.

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